Devolution's natural
Give in to short lines and wordy tines
Spiked into grapefruit juice to block metabolisms
Anonymous tracheas voice-boxing slim poetry

Heuristic notation: that is like that's that
This is an adherent, anti-heretical
Meaning what; be exacting
Italic dialectic implies rightness and fervor

Collect lists in pairs and evade commas
Thanks, E.B., your style is passé 
The point still resonates: language is fool's gold
A plaything, a childhood

Call it a phase, baggy clothes
It never quite fit like the emperor's clothes
But it's not clear how to take it off
Structural baggage, that will be fifty dollars each

Defy numerals for enunciation's sake
That's a memory tool, seven digits maximum
Is coffee's smell a possession if there's no moniker?
Answer that in gestures and pheromones, please

Write a spell check to be cashed
By whoever's at nose length
Little red falsehood is a forest walk away
From wearing a wolf suit

Unless this cautionary tale is sold
To every bidder at a fixed price
Thus, don't burn the dictionary
King Philology always strikes back

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