Seasonal Permanence

Ceramic neighbors pay cup room & board
A vessel association with strong handles
Resistant to heat and argument, while liable
To be smashed if accelerated floorward

Seasonal condemnations for the trees
Fallen impermanence rises at winter's dawn
Forever is a glib place
Claims to lucidity are shaken
By tales in front of a fire

Pilgrims, what is your quest?
A project is lodging
A place and time in which to live
It's like a ship, with a navigator and sails
Directed against the goals that float on the ocean

Timelessness, that's time's goal
Soullessness, a wish from every soul
Escape from a self that isn't quite there
Is a mission in futile shelving 

Summer's water glasses can't see
When they're covered in fallen leaves
Whose grasses thirst for the spring
As possession melts, flooding the orb
With backwash, detritus, and shards

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