Watching Too Closely

Gerund fever! The ban implied that we 
Lived photograph lives, still images who
Couldn't develop beyond their stasis
It's unfolding, hows and evers, a backsmash 
To the backsplash, kitchen counted out
Unless you get a better tile design
That's the magic of where you're looking
When you're washing the dishes
A second person would say:
Pay attention to your hands and the soap
But your eyes wander straight to the
Below the cupboard picture
Of grime and lime and no-longer sublime
Dashed against the rocks
Video is a tide, a medium whose messages
Are always action
Can't peek tightly at this motion target
Bullseye alive! Fire and brimming with 
Stones, thrown from a car at a truck
On a highway ten thousand li away
Kwatz! Cornered again by the ninety
Degree design, keep refusing to 
Write digits into being, you're 
An analogged wordsmith
Waterbogged with no intent to bail
Where been is shelter, ken
Familial trees grove to see the forest
And thus become oneself

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