Twisty Confidence

Was it worth it
To give that speech
To take a platinum position
On the lectern of hungry souls

They will eat, you knew that
Without hesitation, a feast
Served by Chef You
Restaurant of choice
For those looking for confident men

And you never fail to disappoint
Nor idiomatically lean back 
And cliché, baby
Let it rip across the pages
Of that book you wrote so fast

Deny editorial privilege
The chance to change a word
For your character is in each 
Ruined? Pah. Periods are for 
Loser poets

And I am prose
Prone to exaggerate, perhaps
But built on brick

Though maybe a little marsh
Under those foundation stones
Seeps and germinates rates
Termitic verses, believe!

Self-possession is writ lawge
And every mistake was intended
To consolidate power, a will to own
Unconventional space
And deprivational time

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