Tearing Town

Guided fissile material: this city needs energy
Power flows from incomplete reactions
A town drafts on the impact 
Of a million desires
Hitting a hundred streets
Without inundating the sewers 

Waste is of course a matter of truth
We will file for a backyard, a motion without emotion
Cause and effect, you knew that
When you signed your citizenship agreement
And picked up that lovely periwinking passport

Grant a missive a viewing
That's news, paper, diodes
Light emitting fires, brigaded exclusively by
Financial productions
Who couldn't put out a fire
If it was a candle in a bathtub

We need them!
Let them flourish so we may prosper
On sovereign obligations 
Designed to rule the roosters
As these creators are our only hope

The makers, entrepredators
Carnivores feed and feed, in both senses guided by death impulses
Take that lengthy meaning and feed it back to the album
Written by a mercenary and sung on contract
To echo through our music hallways, wide enough for 
One and a half

This town already isn't big enough 
For a both or us
Seeing as togetherness
Might lend an ear
Rather than a dollar
At seventy five percent interest
Compounding by the minute

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