Definitions and Time Credit Cards

If I repeat myself, regard revisions as gospel
The new is the new, according to the good book
Merriam spun a web to stir the children
To an understanding of what society is made of

Language, the real thing, really great, realizable
Don't deny it, your dreams are made of words
Lent at borrowed time: noon or midnight is a subjective question

The sun has too much power to trust it 
To circle circadians, fight back with an essay
Denying your dependence on this cycle

Nap an hour every two
To discipline yourself
Become your own bank
And issue credit that you must spend
At your own store

Shoplifters welcome, otherwise, no friends
Spam your mailbox
With offers, more rewards, additional points
For flying off the handle

Let gas run off from your driveway
After you siphoned your tank
Into that leaky bucket
You saw it in a dream
And had to make it real

As real as reality's opal 
Impossibly grown in the guts of a clam
After it was eaten by a dolphin, unbroken

This fever will recur
Until you wake up from your debt
And unbelieve, learned heresy is the opposite
Of trained helplessness

That's the lesson of re-orienteering
Torn maps and ignored magnetic north
Devoid of direction, swap spinning for cycling

To find a way out of the trash's dictionary
And blaze your own novel
Without burning down the rest of the library

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