Exquisite Extra Daylight

Living broom sweeps webbing 
From a sole morning

Too few syllables 
Not enough decibels 
Plenty of lumens

A compromise built to flash
And remain lit

Watchword for days
Prepositions repay money metaphors
Under sun conditions

Simply lined, unblank
A too-rich guide to lamps
Diode specimen, you forgot your Edison

Father Liminality spiked time
Because change, when inhabited
Denies the ticks and tocks

Unspare the nod
Affirmation blurs sharp edges
To the point of object impermanence

Such immanence 
Otherwise unattainable outside
Meditative addictions 
Slipped into the mailbox

Opened, full, morning prior to deliveries
That's a stand-in for the environment
Telling a person: be like me
While the evident rejector
Bathes in exquisite glow

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