Competition Injunction

Swear to take at expense
Great small, see no difference
In the comparative utility

Do not teach, do
Those who reach, sue
In-the-way is to get knocked down

Or perhaps off(ed), depends on tense
Grammarians are lapsarians
Graded on wealth or it's h-contra

Positives grandwithstood 
Stand on ground that you own, obviously
Judgematic repinions straw-scratch

The unclear fissure in wildhood
Granted freedom, unfacilitated
Spattered with the line breaks

Over-inched for years
Until the wormwood elixir
Drabbed dragged sagged

Subsumed by the referee
Also on the payroll
Cramped lodging overlorded

Rentier screech, osprey behest
Sea-fish, be-pish, delish
List icicles hand, Damocles

Your chair won't move, but swivel
Giving up was the last thing
You'll ever be let done

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