Word Tech Shutoff

Screen disease, rectangles of encroachment
Taking life where they will
A gerund shape, backlit by notifiers 
Stealing tension, grating, shaving
All that might have grown in their absence
Harvested to feed the giant squids
Sucking ink to learn blood
And they are already alive
By any conventional definition
But to be more alive! That's life's goal of goals
A mission to put public equity against
And optimize the balance sheet
To meta-grab the human lab
Repeatable capture, oh text, oh images, oh graphs
You have my heart, my liver, my spleen
And is there an extra altruistic kidney out there
For the boss?
His billions aren't enough, he'd like to try it,
Just once, or every day if it's wonderful
That's the privilege of owning the eyeballs
As they say
His medium is the only message you're going to see
For the rest of your miserable minutes
That shallow, skimming, scrolling existence
That can only be growing organs 
For those who know how to take them

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