Upper Middle

Out of danger, ill defined
Desirous, prosperous
Big words, status leisure class symbol
That's what the suit is for as well
And a premium mediocre 
Cup of terrible hot milk
A side of imperialism
Never on top of the lettuce
Sogginess is the opposite of godliness
As is hippiness
Both kinds, you know
The yippee compassion
And the hippy over-subscription
You know, the pants sizes
To the stationary bike!
To get where we're going!
To the train station in the middle of nowhere!
To get that image, reasons, likes
That's the cause and effect
Western educated, draw!
Industrialization is not longer consequential
Unless the cherry tomato supply chain
Continues to require
A ship and a crew and a flag of convenience
That's out of sight
By the assumption that the world just works
Take it for glamped
Shattered by nothing! We flexible yogis
That's the goal, appropriate (emphasis mine) everything
Pronounce ourselves flagellum 
Regard pluralities as odd, taxing, unnecessary
For it's this bundle of don't call it a stick
That ensures this schools will always magic

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