Thank You, Sauna

Pronunciation key: skeleton after the water has left your midsection
Finland, were but you my home
Discipline, sisu, courageous hats
Skiied, freer than caribou
Across ice to the northern hut, lighted 
By sun strokes, geniuses inhuman
Carried on the ideal: there is a society!
Thatcher be hammed!
Scorn on the eastern front for that history
That none can forget.
Period, sentenced to social life 
At winter, mid-spring, there will be cold
Bluer blood? That's the pre-oxygenated situation
And there can be exported independence without the lonely
I see it, fell it, split it, and definitely won't say it
That's the point of a poem, dreamt in the day,
Scattered across pages that demand a hot, dark room
A silent meditation, medication for the rattled core
Unshaken, distirred, dispelling the notions
That conceptually raged against continuity
And the concern with here, now, whatever that means
Thank you, hot stove, steam, cedar walls
You have brought me back to somewhere, something
Ineffable, and back to the place where I try to eff it 
Again and again, until I need to sweat again

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