Interdiction: interstate chase
How many items can you pick up
In the time it takes for the shop to stop
It's the season, tis it
Laser bream fishy steam
Mantras! Egalatarianism!
Merit boots, they fit when you get those straps tight
Up and up and up and to the right (after you turn thirty)
That's how you shrug and head to the fountain
Gross, ein references to crand foddy doddies
Not even group think could miss this crisis
That's a beautiful word, beautiful
Grooves overused, like a road, dirt, tracked in the rain
That's where one gets stuck and doesn't go to the next word
In the dictionary list, and at this rate we won't even get to
The e's
Excellent is later on than the Euripidean tragicomedy
As you laugh your tears into butter
And spread whatever's left onto your toasted soul

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