Confidence pen: scribbling desiderata notation
Happiness and silence in copyright rancor
Care not, public-mind, for the moneyed interest
Of those who submit to you, humbly, inscriptions

Hollow linguistic fancies are worn beneath shoes
Socked in faces who appear beside lonely mirror stares
Ungainly milieu, thematic, métier from the bowels 
Of an instrument of investable misery

He who hath wrought limitations on liability
Shall suffer the imperfections of an unaccountable soul
And yet religious notions caterwaul across shattered roof tiles

Stylistic mysticism argues for font adjustments 
Assuming the posture of mid-century ad-madness
Drunk on manipulation, threaded through papers
Shoved out car windows on meandering, suboptimal routes

From there to here in under fifty years: plow the digital snow
Into piles and melt the record down, into diamond-oil,
Burned thick on the horizon, purple-green sun transition
With a message for the messes massing silently on screens

Fingers tap out dance-prayers, illiminal thoughts
Useful, physical, real in a feeling sense, borne on the windy mishhead
A calamity fit to the times, all the rues emit to hint

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