Furtive Watchmaker

Don't say it's made up
Artificial is nature
For a totality is onto-tautological 

A being in being is being
Intelligent, stupid, asinine
Evil, heroic, banal
Designer adjectives
Mechanical gearhead magazine

If it fits, we sits
And waitses, traipseses 
Through St. Peter's gateses
Heaven wrinkles a goddy nose

At supposed apple-falls
Snakes were part of the plan
As was tuberculosis
And cures, vegetarianism, and abstractions
If schemed spontaneity reeks and molds
Action at a distance speaks in scolds

Zeus carried water for Laozi 
While Zarathustra built Mazdas 
On behalf of industrial capital
So that olives might gain brine 

Ah, narrative, you hid your motives well
We couldn't have seen your twist coming
As you stole our Anthropocene 
And hooked us up to your cables

A metabolic factory
Eat, defecate, eat
Story Ouroboros, the god we surely deserve

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