Short Form

Poetry has the benefit of being a rapid end unto itself
It can sit beneath the swirl of contemplation
Without demanding a constant allegiance

No masterworks are these, though perhaps together...
Nay! These sketches of mind are done when they arrive
Allay thine mines, wash the fears of permanence
From the face of beardless wandering

Focal points demand light, but only for an instant
This is no a laser pointer testing facility
Rather we are in a low-glow, generic flow state
Crafting not as a person, rather as a being
Without the expectation (and in fact resisting) becoming

Parentheticals replace footnotes, abhor endnotes, and
Will not be bothered to create an index to make the 
Casual explorer's researches any easier, for these are informal territories
Which we will not deign to reign or map
Nor rein or trap
In favor of a zealous jotting

Notes taken short hands, lengthening the days
To ennoble the brief, thunderous existence
That claps at every lightning, picnicked or otherwise

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