Language makes the fan chew up the air
And spit out criminal intent: spell it wright
Or fly on the beach to the middle of an island
Triangle to sit with your sins and moneys
Crawded out of the social contract (invertebrate)
Where your spine-on-the-outside private security
Contractors make your will into reality and
That is just the way the world goes, right?
Freedom on the head of a pinhead, repetition 
On the invisible brand that caves in to every
Chemical whim in order to make another ball
That will sell to children (mild carcinogen)
Such that the island hovel can have its helipad back
Did you hear they want to eat you? You don't taste
Very good, Mr. Capital, your isms have messed with
A digestive track record that leaves a lot to be 
Conspired, and yet the federal prosecutors are sitting
On their hands, waiting for that seven figure lobbying 
Job that can enhance any good civil service retirement
Rule of claw! Civil tribberties! Nonstitutionalism!
The blank checkbook ruling caste dislikes the sausage making
But charcuteries hard enough to ignore the feudal masses
With a little bit of gout pre-prevented by a trip to that
Superclinic overfunded by the free market
A house plant in the lobby of a mansion
Cooperatively owned for ultra high net worth sindividuals
And don't ask questions about spelling! This is an autocracy!
Your firm will see mind in court, but of course we'll settle
On a handshake and a glass of port, thank you and such
For coming out and playing this game decided well before our time
(Remember, don't hate the player)

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