Cohesion stretches quilted thorns
Painful blankets cover softly
Under conditions of togetherness
Tight or loose and fraying breaks
Wonders cease at the edges 
Of what's covered up
By that which came before
Vagaries! Vagueness!
What will be acceptable?
Stencil case, cares worn comfortably
Cactus dreams and piney days
Make yellow light of fickle leaves
Burning's warming paradox
No more fuel to keep us near
And are we logs
Are we faithful
Or does our belief run out into a stream
And steam away, ashes remainders
Of social fabric
National cloth
Religious socks
Familial sweaters
Darned to instrumental variation 
Forgotten, drawered
When some shine dances at the corner
Of glossy eyes
A hat! Knit to cap the headstone
Well deserved by the living
To bond our minds and near our bodies
Against the ravages of time and other material straits

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