Ownership without liability is a scourge

Imagine owning a dog
This dog sleeps in your bed
Keeps you company
And eats in your kitchen

This dog roams free all day
Killing neighborhood cats
Stealing food from children
Harassing mail carriers
And causing car accidents
With its road-crossing antics

You might think you'd be responsible
Perhaps accountable
For this creature's behavior
As well as its consequences
But you own shares of this Fido
Through a liability shield
An arms-length entity
Whose day-to-day operations
You disclaim, as none of your business
Though of course
You own this business

Seems suspect, yes?
A structure society might 
Crumble underneath, 
Should the proliferation
Of childish pretensions 
To gain without giving
Take without paying
Burden the nameless society
And its truly named residents
With the consequences of your property

Here we are
In such a world
In which you can own
A profitable piece of an aluminum smelter
A criminally mismanaged private prison
And a tobacco marketer
Your dividend checks will be in the mail
Without any summons 
To judge you
By the effects of your investments

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