A Rootless Carrot

Transience vector: up or out
Rising potato turns into yam
Orange you going to ask
How we got here

Doesn't matter?
Oh, you're leaving again.

Such is the free market
For people, places, piety
Believe in your soil
Until you're uprooted

Carrots pull themselves up by their greenstraps
Committed to top salads
Knowing that a Michelin star chef
Will cut thin, delicate, enriched

Successful diners eat with gold palates
The dream of every combination
Of yellows and reds
To make the sunset a private affair

Meaning, bah, slippery foolishness
Guidance for cranks and loyalists
We global overgrounds won't return to perennial life
Quarter annual is the cadence for successful investing

Take what you can
Account not for sin
This carroted life
Universally wins

Faithless urban parasites! 
You had me at non-believer
We'll disappear into crowds
To forget birth, death, and family 

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