Time is of the Evan Essence


No fluke brought the breach
to the edge of the sound
obviated by Of Course
the pet name of conviction
passive voiceover to the 
still life article of fruit on the
table, drawn with more care
than the subject in a chair.


Cucumber fancy ice in a box
melted to pickled, twice it's a fox's 
metaphor, den of kits 
made to please 
the I storm
artistic centrifuge
stay out of the middle
if you want to lose your way.


What is a day
broken apart twenty four times
grammarians will claim the fifth
guarantees a major rift
between classes, structure,
can't we has revolution;
resolve to spend your life
un-ant colony, queen flea,
don't de-anthropomorphize your self
or do.


Before the bill of lights, 
enlighten the ears with romance
dialed twice, an upside down M,
years after family strife struck the pier,
love dissolved to vines of shate,
miss pelled, for whom bowls
a perfect game on far flung trolls
alluding to the wisdom 
of those trampled by the practice
of His,tory.


As promised,
there are puppies,
properly plural,
Oxford Commands, and Dictums,
thank you imps, your pyre will
burn for a million souls
who you thought non-
whatever, hence the limitation of liability,
war-money, mud-capital,
don't claim innocents
who you didn't insure.


Disunderstanding was a strategy
practiced by the economic behaviorists
and all the other specialists,
thank you for your nervous devotion
to the logic that crowned a thousand wars
lifted a billion cars
and lead us to the hell we were told to avoid.


Nomenclature was an inevitable point of contention
for those interested in philology,
the universe-city's hackademicians don't appreciate
when their pinkies get stepped on 
by the amateur in the mist,
such is the rationale for gardening,
paying attention to that which four gives,
and arching back to a thirst 
to be less drunk on knowledge.

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