Vis Cous Cous

Have we grain for a 

tabula rah rah,

last sawn on the

counter of blah blah;

Feature: less than promissory 

note debt hunger strike:

Mr. Hesitant would rather take a trip 
back down murder lane
than aggressively solve
the problem of home.

That's just a peace core for your apple,
cyanide best wishes for happy returns,
taxable win another one for the team:
Trabble Trousers worn too tight
for the reproductive mission to succeed.

How could blue have come before mellow
combine them and you'll

a spleen that did something

we didn't ask the doctor

as far as spirituality goes:

kayak the river, class ten,

reUnion through strife,

that's what the Cold Hard War

said to the barstool.

Political society, 

hand me a longer cord,

So I can electrify a screen

to tell you: live this way,
alternate the current events
and see a cute elephant.

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