Fast Photos In Thesis


Greens are lithe as a broad leaf
waves at the savior-progenitor,
mistaken for yellow, total light
is every rain's taut bow
shot at recipients' fruitful glow.


Snap at the spot where a weed was 
misidentified: legibility's clarity
is not true to the yesterday storm
that sent electricity's too many 
syllables into the inorganic dirt.


Out of order, pictured as under a
window surrounded by lead paint:
lawsuit your way to the incorporeal 
formula and consider wasps a
key component of the natural unfurling.


Stochastic gaps between leaves
make music for my griefs,
a too-personal poem writ as
a letter to other poets,
please be pleased by our corresponding points.


Copy the creatures who fear cats;
scheme to build a relationship with crows;
write a recipe and end on hypocrisy;
in a river: flow to the droop on houseplant leaves
mingle the side with out any eaves.


I worry about numbers, qualitatively of course.
Do they connect in a logical sequence?
That was tested days ago, so many, they don't line up.
A is for C and Be is a Deed;
on four, start playing music.


Without analysis, scrutability does not follow form,
and function wilts at its suggestion.
Develop the picture of a day's future,
oncoming night rushes the sun's recipients
to drink until they overflow.

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