A Shot in the Stark

I read a book about nihilism yesterday,
it,s sunny side up according to the author
and one should be honest: I listened
to the argument for sucking the meaning
out of life; and I agree, who doesn't love
the desert? Standing at the edge of nothing
is most beautiful, not that it need to have
any significance, according to the above.

Drunk on society, on True Love, Total
Commun/ity, on making the most of every
mohment; reduce abuse of the cycle - 
good advice for a too often two wheeler -
so I sit under a crab apple tree, singing poems
with my fingers, and picking the husks from
last season, in literal and metaphorical
gentler bliss - trademark, instant gramme - 
what the aim ought to be: take the gas out of 
perfection, for none of any 'bove or b'low
will make an ideal to sow and to glow.

Via The Sunny Nihilist by Wendy Syfret.

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