Eye Might

To what values do you aspire 
You, creature of dark and light 
Concerned with dichotomies 

While third and multiple forces 
Change your conceptual plans 
And your adjectives take on the character 

Of a creature outside of time 
Developing a sense of neither and nor 
Cynically cyclical, all that ends you see 

With a self meditated by a viscous world 
You try to pour your cup full and it won't flow 
From the bottle from the cellar 

That you bet your life on, money for later 
At risk: your house, a valuable home 
Made only thus by its citizens 

Who see not themselves in the reflection 
Of every strut and beam 
Aspire to not know and seize little moments 

Or play the big game for all the marvelous 
Marbles rolling across your sockets 
Telling your spontaneous will 

To silence its cries and wait 
As the future won't happen 
And right now nothing moves

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