Looking at the Past Upside Down to See It Smile

I heard my future calling and it was gruff:
get over here and leave your self behind
we have no need of history, you and I,

we are the creatures of the ongoing,
infinite games, timeless watches over
oblivion's probabilities; you and I will
keep the world together as everyone else
sweats in their sun scorched seats without
enough of the air to breath that we planted
into the rivers and hills.

There was a rustle over my left ear: the past
was looking as sad as ever, crying with the 
force of gravity tears that flowed into the
ocean that the future described, confused at
the past tense and personification; and upon
a prompt from someone I didn't trust, I 
turned around and then turned myself over,

seeing that which came before in the light of
a new god, the lucid present, a now that heralded
a change in interpretation, we creatures of then
and ongoing, a way of seeing that made history 
satisfied as a quiet sunset gave the future pause.

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