Effort and Use

To what end doth this work delve unto
Far scattered, foresworn be thine experiences 

Dedicated to such recipients as may appear 
Ghosts to purposes unrequited between purgatory 

And the gate at the end of the road 
Be mine sweat expended for approval 

Lest this journey undertaken in vane pretense 
Make itself insufficient to the measures hence 

Thus I repeat the catastrophic questions 
Which led all desires to their tragic conclusions 

Finishing their stories in death, sadness 
As they were meant to from the start 

A meager existence of meaning and hunger 
Makes a path illuminate according to thirst 

Beget a child, your infinity incarnate 
As the historical god banished both devil and bipod 

May your poetry be less than epic 
Your narrative defy inflection 

And the life you examine 
Scrutinize you and find you not wanting

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