If the purpose of education is to work
and the purpose of work is to be ranked at a necessarily high level in society
and with that ranking earn money, legitimacy, and appraisals
along with the vague cultural benefits of a narrative arc

then whatever it takes to rise in the rankings is what one ought to do
there are various metrics that are used to calculate your position
so pick one or all of them and solve the problem
you'll rise if you are known to get things done, by hook crook
if necessary, the way of task dominion

or if people hear your name every day and the important details
this is the way of information domination

you might attract others through your aesthetic construction
either natural or artificial or indistinctly caused
the way of attraction-gravity victory

but if you've been paying attention
you will swim back upstream to this logical chain's source
and uproot ranking and its benefits from your purposes

you might avoid education, work, and all the trappings
if you found out the goal is a farce.