I'm not sure about engineering;
there is so much optimization for a purpose
which who wouldn't want, right
but that's the problem, unthought out goals perhaps

but philosophy is attempting to solve a riddle too
why and how and in what way to live
is like getting to space
and of course the way is full of greatness

when it's the aesthetic we were looking for
at the right time, as they (and we) say
there is a math for that, calculus yule us
holiday cheer for the mystery cleared

what was born but the way to do anything
which is obviously desirable
and desire is clearly meant to be fulfilled
and fulfillment is the erasure of all buts

yet there seems to be something to the impulse to
contradict: general knowledge, accepted paths
hold limited appeal for the restless human

speaking from the experience of trying to
optimize restlessness; that ends with a treadmill in nature
it's called a bicycle
or on the side of a mountain chasing adrenaline
the problem is that logical chain to fulfillment

does the owl try to make itself as happy as it can
so that a meaningful life is always at talon
not from what we can tell; these creatures,
as with animals across species 
conceive of their lives not at all
doing what they do the way they do it
without the limitations of math or language.