Deciduous Abstractions

It's decided: faith abhors rationality
but the latter depends on its former;
stop, appear to be liquid concrete,
rest until sided walks 
carry editorial hardness
from initial to final,
cracked up idiom to be.

Lose, leave,
thus ethereal-
an annual procedure with
perennial characteristics.

Love and gardening season
summer with a midnight 
expectation: moonsight 
is a refraction
of all that makes more digress.

Cantankerousness is a seed
and blossoms are mature.
Blank cares and sheets of 
tapered minnow swim
upriver on a shiver-
a care in the glare
of one day's light
and another morning's 

Quicksilver is slow to 
know that hat liners 
lead alchemists to articulate-
gold fibers are made
by imminent preeminent 
dearth; lack cut from slack
as the nothing says:
no thing can pass
without rippling ponds
from lily to flower to steel.

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