Big Day

Patter pitter pick a pox
Clatter fritter clamor knocks
I fled a diner cup in hand
Coffee spill on parking land

Minor lesions bruises scorn
Wisher weller bonnie morn
As the flies made it their scene
I wished lies were lesser mean

By the bottle it was done
And ago my ego shunned
But the nothing flows and snows
Balled up lightning picnic shows

Watching Lear and daughters fight
Blight and blight and blight and blight
Given song and music dance
Deer and tail and ran by prance

Wish for fear and dream of strife
As this fork becomes a knife
Cut by passage tunnel spear
Cut right through the training gear

I was hid and hiding home
That was when I realized tome
Is the word for bookish might
Not less beta alpha light

Under om and mega store
Buying buying buying gore
That was causal far effect
As the little moves inflect

I took a walk to taller shores
Surely norms wish they were mores

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