The Theory of the Meager Crass

Can one be left wanting and made of desire?
It's the nature of the universe: artificial space
divided by position's time, make to force work
on the undefined, craven watchdog.

Regulation! Administration! Judicial review!
LSATs prove you're willing to deny morality
in the name of logical virtual eight hundred meters.

Whether standard or imperial, feats are meant
to satiate a hungry inner ghost, whose ectoplasm
is pure spasm, an autonomic reaction to that
which came before. Are we humming or are we
cancer? Don't make such metaphors! Cruelty lives
in the willingness to overbook suffering 
in order to make a point of selling tickets.

Such rogers such registrations such alcoholisms.
I put an egg in my hand, cracked it, and 
rubbed it all over my face.

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