peace faction

convince me
count me out
take your internecines 
and warm the world without
bringing down the houses
of those who want to live

you can have your frightful battles
your carve-ups and your shiv
but but, and-or, take this logic
back to the store
it's harried and its multiplied
shotfun cramps 
and barrel cries

rights to swing and fire and shout
end at our shared water spout
call it co-op dreams and cruft
orange pith is not what stuffed
all those pearls of crescent juice
constellations with their use

vitamins and see the shore
flagrant fruitless veggies core
seeded by the hand of cod
pescataria by god
friday try and miss the boat
watching for your bailed out coat

take the meaning put it back
it didn't measure up to quack
ducked by blind and call it hidden
hunting for the done unbidden
dishes clean and laundry made
bedside tables dusky fade

middle days for warning spots
sunscreen faces lacking knots
frown and smile to make a point
improv action ours this joint

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