If Wishes Made Us Know

Productivity ghosts haunt assembled lines:
what else is a pathway for?

Undone lives turned work into a faster and faster wheel
while death scrapes doors until they open
or a gash appears that might admit
the solid grim fact.

Economize against effectiveness, 
making X go over Y at a rate 
that barely avoids dividing by zero.

Rocket technicians are ready 
for a super duper sonic world
at the behest of ultra powers
and their MK histories.

Organizations hum
without that trailing man
gives legitimacy to limited liability artifice;
it's all goods
but whose commodity minutes
will take charge of which contested land?

It has emerged from indescribable scum and heat
to be what we've wrought
and the critics can say I was not there
while analysis wrings its demands 
from an invisible supply
whose manufactures
can carry images 
from mind to torn-up mind.

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