Spurn the Moment

Apple seeds eye concentrations 
That might become deadly
As the razor's hedge
Blocks your view of your future

To what purpose do collections
Turn to people
Turn to society
Turn to government

I am sure, it's reason
That's the farce extruded 
By the machine metaminds 
That wish for any fright

Horror dreams
Are the repetitive object
That votes: don't represent me
Let me be what I am

And put it together
It's no equation
Variables reduce comparison
To replaceable parts

Feelers have preferences
Put out to pastures
That demand elk over cows
Freedom over fenceposts

Between you and me
I got a C in calculus
But for the kindness
Of Mr. Miller

You can guess what I used to
Fear and still do
And how hard my irks
Drive to valorize my quirks

Legislate personality!
Adjudicate the soles
Overtrodden bare
Foot-soldered resister

Stop. Don't watch.
Periods can't tell
Any preference
How to feel tomorrow.

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