The Snark-Smarm Industrial Complex

Who supports who: the oppressor or the damnation typist?
A trumped up charge against a battery.

You say: capitalist roader.
They say: would you like to buy this hat?
You say: value is relative to the down and spouts.
They say: thank you for the eyeballs.

Rage is in the air. It's ice in everyone's veins,
to keep the heat from starting to stink.
Cynic, gird your irons, the fire can only handle
a few words more.

Fickle, fractured!
Against tradition!
Born burner, birth spurner,
generations flail in generalities. 

It turns out that all valuations are dependencies:
thick gather thin, mints freshen the breath of the garlic-fearful. 

Corporeal persons, judicially, hold promise (and it's not profit);
are you a human or something better (you asked),
success is in the nose of the smelliest, either lavender or a dead rat
(they are sure).

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