I am conflicted.
Morality and context are wearisome if you aspire to be a simplicity magnate.
I am a failure when it comes to resting easy and the first in line to peddle analysis as complaint with a utopian transformation in mind.
In this, I think, I do not serve my own interests.
Sweeping claims do not make anything clean.
Imagined arterial roads do not allay traffic, they make it less bearable.
To step back and above situations is to arc toward false self-deification.
And I'm moralizing again; it's either against myself or the world at large.
Starts to paint a picture for you, as I track ink around the house.
Do meandering question and answer sessions improve anything?
Is improvement useful?
Can usefulness stand on two feet?
Is standing better than the alternatives?
Solipsism! We are together.
And I will look, wonder, conclude, and rebuke.
Anyway and anyhow, with any what, this clay builds temporary structures
as fun to make as destroy.
Childish. Irresponsible. Pedantic. Trite.
Bring what's brought on fully upon, but bring it to your party.
I'm a pity, a shame, a wandering name, and value is a farce, paid for by 
Citizens United.

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