Whim, See?

Whims blow from the compass
Whose nomenclature is not about where it's going.

Shall we fear the breezeless day?
Life asks for credit 
For that which it will never do.

Overdrawn account books
Are synonymous with history
And while it may be hoofing to run after endings
The middle justifies the means.

Laugh at the smoke;
Flammability burns, so only cry autonomically.

Tell me, will's distinction, where does liberty sink like a duck?
I(dolatry), narc(sissus) told on my ever pheasant self:
Snatch correspondence from the jaws of your feet
And fly when gravity takes air
And accelerates it inert.

Look, don't crutch: your broken ankle will not heal.
Those ligaments will always stretch 
To accommodate the holes you chase.

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