Hand-Pulled Xinjiang Noodles

Boxy panda, you gave me light in the darkness.
I dream of bao on Peking Uni's campus, 
and abbreviating college like a English OxBridger.
My structural integrity's union state is strong,
at least according to that serious man on TV.
Hand me a long sword, made of wood and filled
with Ticonderoga dreams, though of course this
pencil is plastic. 
A bicycle, once crushed by the rear passenger,
a phoenix, twice surviving scrapes with traffic death,
a monument to the peoples republic, a democratic
communistic, Ai Weiwei-ish, surveillance crate.
Can I escape to Portugal and the UK as well?
Probably not.
But I have my dreams, decisions, and
the YouTube video reminders:
if you take your present minute
and cut it into sixty seconds
and find a deli slicer
and hone it a little more
you'll have yourself a baloney
which resists resentment
and makes your living life
a sandwich you will eat.

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