Total globalization’s mistake is evidenced by the escapist wealthy

Oh you libertarian Randian success story! 
Your bootstraps fray as you pull yourself yet higher!
And yet, you seem to want out..
Where are you going? 
Is this not the world you wished for, built, lobbied into being?
Tell us, what in that bunker in New Zealand
          makes your heart hope?
                    your dignity proud?
                              your children happy?
Haphazard deconstruction was your politics
ruthless organization your business;
but you told us you hated Dada and Derrida,
loved tradition and certainty
and cared for familiality.
Your hypocrisy is noted and unsurprising.
Your escape plan is today entered into evidence for the prosecution.
Your "everything anywhere once and forever" was all well and good
          for labor
                    for commodities
                              for those disasters you call externalities;
but for you, you refuse to be fungible, accessible, part's parcel post box. 
So go to your No Address when the end time you accelerated come;
the rest of us will be here, living the gritty intimate entanglements 
whose personal possibility you sacrificed
on the altar of your fear.

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