Irritability vs. Unmet Expectations

Let's never play spattergories again.
This horror groovy flips coins 
and papers cuts Dali's cow eye
faster than a camera could capture. 

You didn't see bits biting? 
Eight monuments to information hegemony:
data as organizing principle
is nothing but evil:
scroogled booglers 
market booze to toddlers.

That's all cynicism
(don't tell J. Bentham
that my utility bill
wouldn't pass cheaper gas)
snuggled up with 
resentment: past desires
make the best poisonous snakes.

I am chattering with bold Italies:
juice box red wine 
lashes eyes with blind drunk
and refuses Tuscan suns.

Sentence me, Judge Bread,
to stomach gains and charter planes
ready for triangular ocean tombs,
for that at least
I could see coming
through an open cockpit door.

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