I cross the street

Rage's name is No Right On Red,
Two lights, a red arrow and a red-circled (and slashed) white arrow.
Get the picture?
Apparently not.
I'll cross the street
Leading a dog
Who is leading me
And you're going to go anyway
And I'm going to be unhappy
And my displeasure will be a mitten
And I'll point at the arrows.
Is it less confusing now?
No, we are both rattled, wracked, boiled in cortisol.
An enforcement failure or an emotional fright train,
Scared out of the station
Abandoned by reason and indifference
To the posture: take my direction, damn you!
Do not go when the law says stop,
Hear my shout!
I'll be thinking about our transgression
For the rest of this walk.

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