Crumbly Family Crumbles

Second names precede firsts in trees
Barked up the side and incontrovertibly bitten
That story lives to love and laughs at bitter despondence 
What narrator bonds glibness to inauthentic certificates
Without waxy poiesis, role-working subcontractors
Could not collect their fees

String beans light shed walls, photosynthetic polaroid proof
Relative's subject is no object, while commitment exits
From loyalty's screen door: keep the flies by the bay
Window clarity is the songbird executioner 
And sorrow won't sully this view

Indolent membership freezes riders 
Who smell storms in the barometer
Mercurial millstones float 
When gravity changes its mind

Lives span attentions 
In memoriam, a large vehicle rumbles 
Into diverted traffic
To hear what there was to hoard
We, great We, became meaning incarnate
Thrown up nausea can't haunt
The house whose address doesn't change

Spars recur: it's a tensile guarantee 
Whose rebar becomes stronger
After each sally - repair - forget
Space squanders its time
And time lays dimensions haste
Each is us and one can't be
Zeroed out of the plot

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