Scaldric Wrongbottom

Smatterhorn mountains purloined purple poise.
Spate outer moon: by Saturn, on Mercury, liquify 
medallions prior to easy streams. Magic, astro-
logarithms congeal in an unhealed tarp-covered pond.

If you don't look, it can't see your tepid multisyllabic
absurdities, as you did the research. Web phlegm-D:
spend enough time in the solipsism prism and you'll
never be sucked into the ectoplasm chasm. Spit-stall
and chit-call while you wither-dither, as is the custom.

Malfeasance senescence smells more like snake essence
every Venusian return. Tension attention begot lost 
soul; spirit plans spit out vampires after they choke
on one too many gallons of uninterrupted crud.

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