File photo: undated. 
Crater marker, related.
Fixer-upper, abandon all hope.

Stagnation relations fragment the nations.
A silly word for group, as dishonest as 
continental genetic research.

Give me a rake to gather leave;
this party is only doing a quarter mile
every seven hundred minutes.

Track meeting: conference fable,
microphone Jack loves
to hear himself creak.

Founder syncopation: modulated 
mysteriousness (for sex);
shame is your shadow
and your music is lice.

Associated Mess:
dawn cracked at four and
thirty (A.M.), reportage 
mirages inform poppy laces:
opium colonoscopy for your troubles.

Chimeric snake sneezes independent
mollification: cigars and whisked eggs
make a fine treaded breakfast.

Fantasy festival flagrant owl:
soot boots shout, shoot, and loot.

Spiral neck action
sees best when perpendicular to
bird shoulders (at play).

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