On and On and On On

Shoes fatten in dry air, given dessert they don't dare
To make for the exit and enter to start
Doorways are shoredays and beaching the shale
Frack it! That's the ancien extreme
Built to gas, lit by pass, frightful lies give truth
Its terrible power: willed weakness feeds the strong
That's why it's better to let heavy weight lay
And sleep in and come out and walk down the way
Spry young sprigs you treed up a squirrel
Chipmunk begotten a extra tail whirl
Groves of bees are apple delights 
Candor and banter will fully benight
Spay, neutered, reproductively mute
That's cuz your purposely is just to be cute
Rhythm repeats on a loop and a croupe 
Figures of ten and a magnitude troupe 

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