Neutral’s Not Negative

Hand me my long word
Pejorative sanguinity's naught

Feeble pessimism, as sad as the optimist
Foggy spores stuck in lung snores
Internal contradictions wash out
Under zero conditions

Unswerve, don't steer onto a skid
Response crimes are passion
Supposed wellness, health, intellect
Wealth outcomes are shorn of merit
When the sheep bleat their truth

Nothing matters? Ice sheets shatter?
What wind doesn't blow?
The neutral note sounds remote
While rather visceral tropes
Appear apparent ropes

Article of wraith: belief dictums fade to space
Timed without a watch
Breathing without attention
Removals, is that the even hand?
One minus one 
Ruins multiplication for the number line

Forgetting is one way
A path to erasure
As is a full account of pluses and minuses
Then pre-removal forsooth

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