Crass Mass

Hubris and proof are unhappy fellows
Stuck in the same room, silent treatment
Thy metrics measure treasures
According to value
While my tetris blocks itself under
Affording squares the space they desire
In affiliated environmental affirmation
Adapt, you said, evade your traps
Content won't rest 
Laurels become dry
Thirst demands wrenching quenches
Grayscales on steel
Gradient statistics
Deviated from my expectations
I refuse to believe
Articles of disintegration
Name the fear: fire explanations
A double referential monument
To a childhood burned down
And the mysterious conflagratory art
Sing-song words can no longer testify
To scintillation's demand overwhelm
Creature, you are a creature
Environment and brain
Homeostatic today wanderer
Converting tomorrow wishes into prayers
At the repeatable altar of masses

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