Clob Knobbered

Box crutches stutter stepwise dominion
Spatter shatter the porcelain clatter
Sparse arses minutely regard the harsh

Intrepid mockery smacks of passivity
Laid down, sans science, linguistically narcissistic
Period, comma, exclamatory fame

Didact minotaur spreads labyrinth fisks
Risk not your head when your heart is a myth
Hand it to you, gotta shorten those specious 

Sentences, enjambed by speculation
Non sensate precepts perceive irrelevance
On the wind, seasonally effective rift giving

Spores restore green to pastures depleted
By unmushroomy forces, ground up in wishes
Dreamt by mechanisms, organized hypothetically

Until the tests come in and prove: it's inside and out
This tender teleology consensus, broken in seven
By the forces of grievous injury and anomalous attention

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