Sport Sorts

Zero sum training: who'd better best
Sunday nations, watch and earn
Competitive instinct, Darwinian lobster
Clawed out to fight to a death
One among willing to will winning won

Cheers sign on sabot and grim
Cheaper by frigid smirk, cynicism
Is an antagonistic system founded on
A patricide fatherhood: you won't 
Be able to make another; soldier on with
The fight (and other guerrulous analogies)

Insignias frame compounds and ensure
Every mind multiplies Malthusianism
Hegemon, are you fearful? Should you
Let up, your deification will frown under
The defiance you created (Manicheanism
Manufactures an enemy world); there
Must be another way, unwelded to unbrains

Reifying consciousness isn't animated
By dice rolls and the wish to defeat
Anyone anywhere anyhow

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