Shallow Experientialism

Check the box, it's something new
Lithely foxes such as you
Gained a foot held in the bay
Novel canyon, cliff-edge bray

Documental manumission 
Scanned by grand: photo fission
Gather, hunter, gunning gas
At your latest greatest mass

Comma junction period park
Bite the hand that bid you bark
Solo prole begot beginnings
Next you view and hold your winnings

Smidgeon pigeon birding street
All you see is nother feat
Exist and mean and spread on out
Universal owning rout

That's the tax you pay alive
Deadly fax is printed: strive
Till the land for fifteen minutes
Then disband to fly your billet

Ticket traction firster class
Train-side airplane vodka glass
Drunk is always every dream
Sunk to hallowed naked steam

Smartness artless witty bant
Skidded lidded pity scant
Yet you watch and play and stray
Hopeful mortuary stay

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